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Creepy Bridge

Joe Baldwin

Horror Author

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Sally and Rose Wilkinson are in a dire home situation. They must stick together at all costs. When elder sister, Sally, takes Rose on an adventure trekking through the depths of the farmhouse backyard, Sally’s world is turned upside down.

Following a sisterly argument, they go their separate ways. Soon after, Sally stands by idly as an unknown creature takes Rose into the woods never to be seen again.

Thirteen years later, Sally receives a call that her childhood farmhouse has burned to the ground. All that survives is a book of drawings by her younger sister many years ago.

The drawings will lead Sally back to her hometown where she will discover deep, dark, unexplained paths that can possibly land her back into the arms of her sister or become devoured by her past mistakes.

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The Game and other stories

Lindsay wants good grades to get into a good college, but some of her classmates are getting under her skin, in more ways than one…What starts out as a lovely getaway on a secluded island for an elderly couple slowly becomes apparent that they are part of a sinister game…A young girl receives a necklace from her dying Grandfather. Days later it is taken from her. She must fight through her dark past to retrieve the family relic which is so important to her…and more.

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Jacob Simeon is a lovable chubby nerd who is fighting against the universe's habit of tossing him the shortest end of the cosmic stick. He is left with a deadbeat father after his mother's unexpected exit and his middle school nemesis Robbie Stan to deal with. When Jacob's submission to the annual comic book competition goes awry and his only friend Alex is left hurt by his actions, Jacob is left alone and helpless. He makes the ultimate decision which sends him through a wave of revealing, disconcerting memories and nightmares that open his eyes to see the people who truly matter in his life and why each experience is essential for life's long journey.

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Person at Night with Smoke



"If it won't matter tomorrow, then it shouldn't matter today.”

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